Monday, March 7, 2011

Public Art and American Heroes

One of the things I love about art is that it can speak for fringe political movements, marginalized groups, and silenced individuals. One of the most moving pieces of public art for me is the Vietnam War Memorial. At age 21, architect Maya Lin beat out over 1,400 other entrants and was selected to design the memorial. Like many visitors, I can recall fingering the names of young men who lost their lives. The sheer volume of names engraved in the marble slabs speak for the tragedy that hollowed out a generation of America's youth. That monument stands in testament to their bravery and personal sacrifice.


Okay, so there are some beauty issues that no one evveeerrrr talks about. Every blogger wants to write about getting luxurious hair and lovely skin, but who wants to discuss ingrown hairs? Well, after reading a clutch magazine article about one woman's proclivities around personal grooming and seeing over 20 comments with the same question, I decided to write a new post.

I used to get ingrown hairs after bikini waxes. Imagine, the torture and then not having the buttery smooth skin you imagined! I can count on two hands the number of aestheticians who told me to exfoliate. And, I was exfoliating! You saw my post on making exfoliant.

Thankfully, I not only learned about NPVs at HBS, I learned about PFB. PFB Vanish is an amazing roll-on product that eliminates razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It can be used on the face, arms, legs, and bikini areas. This product changed how I feel about wearing bikinis. And, get this guys, it's unisex. Yes, men as well as women can give it a try. Be sure to apply before and after removing hair for the best results! You can find PFB at a spa for about $20 for 4 oz. Also, visit the official site to purchase.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coloring for Adults

After color application
Before color application
So, my sister trusts me enough to let me color her hair. I am of course thrilled. Coloring hair requires a brush and you have a live canvas. Alas, I am only turning her grey hairs black, but this is nonetheless an exciting project. For background, my sis, let's call her Ann, got her first grey during freshman year of college. She did nothing about the few new strands of grey she received each year, until turning 30.

This year she decides to get a hair color rinse. A rinse changes the color of the cuticle of your hair, the outer layer. So your hair will appear a different color and the rinse gradually rinses out. Semi or Permanent hair color uses chemicals to deposit color in the cortex, the middle, of your strands. My sister at first tried a rinse, at $30 per visit this was more than she wanted to pay to cover up greys. Eventually, she heard of Bigen. Bigen purports to be chemical free and less damaging than normal permanent color. At less than $5, it is clearly more economical than less permanent in salon rinses. My first try at coloring her hair brought great results. However, she did notice a slight difference in the texture of her hair. I applied the color to virgin hair. If you are considering coloring your hair and you already have color or a relaxer, seek out the expertise of a professional!

Salvador Dali. The Persistence of Memory. 1931.
Scientifically or biologically speaking, grey hairs are the result of your hair losing melanin. We alter the color of our hair - changing grey to black or brown to blond - to change perception. But, the reality, of our hair color on a molecular level is the same. What we perceive is a tremedous part of art because meaning follows perception. Our notions of perception and bending them is at the foundation of the surrealist movement. What do you see? What do you think you see?